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Prior to seeing Matt I had seen a number of psychologists and felt like I was not getting anywhere. Through counselling and hypnotherapy Matt has helped me to reduce my anxiety, negative self talk and self esteem issues. Matt is understanding, compassionate, supportive, realistic, relatable, encouraging and has a great sense of humour! He explains the theory and practice behind hypnotherapy and ensures that you are always feeling comfortable and in control. I highly recommend Matt’s services.    


As a person who suffered with Anxiety and Depression, life was rocky to say the least. I searched and searched for years for the answer and never found it until I met Matthew Duff. I had always wanted to try Hypnotherapy but it just never happened until now. And WOW what a difference it has made. Its given me my life back because I was barely coping before, self medicating, hiding from the world and just being invisible. I was a shell of a person, but Matt saved me, I truly believe that. He is incredible at his job and I could not recommend him enough for what he’s done. Thank you Matthew for what you have given me I will forever be in your debt.

Mr Happy Now

Matt Duff is a miracle worker. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, anger & sadness and a few other things since my family was in a car accident over the last 4 years. I tried pills plus counselling and they did nothing. I was out of control with alcohol and drugs just about to take my own life.Then my mother in law booked me in with Matt I thought what a waste of time and money. I have been 3 times so far and not only has he saved my life he has changed my life. My three kids plus my wife are amazed with how I have changed and so am I. if you have any of these problems, I really really recommend you go and see Matthew Duff.


I visited Matthew about a personal problem that I didn’t know how to deal with involving one of my children. Matt gave me advice, and suggested alternate approaches to support my child that I had never thought of. He is an excellent listener and totally non judgemental and professional. I feel a lot more confident in facing the road ahead since then and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him


I reached out to Matthew as I was in a vicious cycle of Binge Eating and was on the verge of being severely depressed. I am amazed at how comfortable I was talking to Matthew about my problems. Matthew was very compassionate and came up with a therapy plan for me. At first I was very nervous about being hypnotised, however I found it to be so relaxing. The difference in me from the 1st week to my last is unbelievable! I am happy again and the binge eating has stopped. I now value myself more and have a spring in my step again. Thank you so much Matthew for helping me be me again.


Matt is so easy to talk to, very understanding and non-judgemental. I found his hypnotherapy service so relaxing and beneficial beyond explanation. He has built up my self esteem and helped me to overcome my emotions so that I can now take on day to day life more positively. If you’re considering seeing Matt please do not hesitate – he is a life changer!


I sought help from Matt when I felt I was at the brink of a complete mental meltdown. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but was very relaxed once Matt had explained everything to me and we came up with a therapy plan. The combination of counselling and hypnotherapy works really well, and the hypnotherapy is extremely relaxing. I am really happy with the changes that I see within myself after the sessions, and my outlook is now 100% positive. Matt is very easy to talk to and listens intently which makes it very reassuring. If you are serious about change, then start with Matt. You won’t regret it.


Thank you Matthew, you have given my life back to me. Having never experienced Hypnotherapy before, I came to Matthew anxious and a little wary. His compassion, care and understanding put me at ease straight away. After my visits, I left feeling calm, clear and totally in control, something I haven’t experienced for a long time. My anxiety has decreased and I feel I can start living again.


I came to Matt in regards to managing my anxiety. The calm manner of Matt immediately made me feel at ease. Having previously being a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy, I soon realised that through Matt’s professional and calming demeanour that this form of therapy is extremely beneficial. I am more confident, outgoing and my anxiety has dramatically reduced. Can not thank Matt enough for giving me my life back.


I was not sure if this would work but was at the stage with my anxiety to give anything a go. I am so pleased to say Matt helped me immensely, I haven’t had a panic attack in weeks and I am sleeping much better, which has always been a problem for me. I have already recommended him to family and friends!


I came to Matthew with several anxiety and personal issues. Matthew was the difference as to where I am now and several months ago. He is very understanding. I had not believed in hypnotherapy before seeing Matthew, however I strongly approve now. I personally can’t recommend Matthew enough. He is very professional and very caring. Thanks Matthew for all your help. It’s changed my life


“My life has changed completely since I first came to see Matt.I was unhappy, stressed, very overweight and extremely unfit. Matt helped me focus on what was important to me; he gave me clarity and direction. My friends now tell me how well I look. I have lost 20 kgs and recently cycled 500 kms around Laos; a feat I would never have considered a year ago… I am more confident and much more fun to be around.Hypnotherapy was the most relaxing and liberating experience I’ve ever had, and I can recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much Matt.”

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